Camillus Heater™ Boot/Neck Knife


One of the great things about this little knife is that it is little but does a big job. It not only can cut cord and meat and anything else a big knife can but it also has a para cord loop to tie onto and it can open my beer. What a tool! It is made of Carbonitride Titanium with a molded sheath and it is a great tool to carry when canoeing as it is not cumbersome. The Heater may be small but it purposeful and great to have.

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4.37″ Carbonitride Titanium® Non-Stick Blade, with Molded Sheath

  • Carbonitride Titanium® 4.37″ Boot/Neck Knife
  • 1.75″ Blade, Finger Hole
  • Bottle Opener
  • Camo Paracord Loop
  • Beaded Chain
  • Molded Sheath with Belt Clip
  • Lifetime Warranty


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