Kelly Kettle Pot Support


If you don’t already have one of these, you need one. This Kelly Kettle Pot Support will take your cooking to a whole new level and it fits any size of Kelly Kettle you own. This support lets you place your pot on top of the kettle while the water boils. Wow what a concept.

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Fits all size Kelly Kettles. This Stainless Steel Pot Support lets you place the Kelly Kettle Pot Sets on top of the kettle while your water boils, using the heat escaping from the top of the kettle. 

If you need to add fuel to the kettle while you cook, simply remove your pot using the handle (all in our cook set) and toss in more fuel fuel through the Pot Support. No need to remove the Pot Support.

When you have finished cooking, let the Pot Support cool down. Then it can be removed and packed flat for easy carrying. 

2 Year Limited Warranty – Included with all Kelly Kettle Products


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