No TP Demerit Badge


You aren't a ManCamper if you don't have this badge. This happens to all of us. If you ever hear a wolf howl in the middle of the night… check the lake the next day. Chances are ManCamping is on the lake, couldn't find any leaves to replace the TP and had to use a pine cone.

Available on backorder

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Embroidered patch measures 1.5″ in diameter. Features Demerit Wear’s own Peel & Stick adhesive that sticks to (almost) all surfaces, including hard surfaces, synthetic fabrics, and natural fabrics. Stick Demerit Wear Demerit Badges on your helmet, backpack, raincoat, polyester and cotton shirts, bumper, kayak, paddleboard, even your leather jacket! The adhesive is pressure-sensitive, so press HARD! Full adhesion will develop in 3 days. Demerit Badges can then be laundered and tumbled dry on a LOW/Delicate setting. It’s as easy as Peel & Stick.


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