Reuseable 550 Fire Cord Zipper Pulls


ManCamping Made – FireCord Zipper Pulls. Replace your zipper pulls with these FireCord Zipper Pulls.  They make it easier to draw a zipper & you have plenty of fire starting tinder hidden inside them for starting fires in wet or emergency conditions.

2.5 feet of cord and tinder and it reuseable! (Cut off or untie the length you need and tighten the remaining knot to keep using the rest of you zipper pull.

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FireCord is 550 paracord with an extra cord (Red in Colour) inside that acts as easy started tinder to make fires in any condition.

  • 2.5 feet of 550 paracord FireCord
  • 2.5 feet of firestarting tinder 
  • Easy grab – 2.5 inch tab for any zipper
  • Each package contains 2 x FireCord Zipper Pulls
  • Handmade using LiveFireGear 550 FireCord Paracord
  • Split rings included for easy installation on any zipper.
  • Reuseable – Unlike some other FireCord Zipper Pulls – Outs come with 2.5 feet of cord and if you don’t need to use all of the tinder you can simply tighten the remaining knots until the next time.  

Our zipper pulls are not a one time use item.

To use: 

  1. Undo or cut the last knot of the zipper pull
  2. Remover red strand from the end of the paracord
  3. Put flame or spark to the rest portion, it will light and hold flame like a candle.
  4. Re-tighten remaining knots to preserve the zipper pull for future use.


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