Xstream Water Filter Straw w/ Pump

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No one wants to drink warm water on a hot day when you have to boil your water.  It will work in a pinch and it is better than getting Beaver Fever, but there is a better way! This Xstream, water filter can be used as a straw or attach the included pump to hand pump into your water bottle.

What we like most about this product: With the included extension, this pump allows you to drink from the lake while on the move. 

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Now a better way to drink safe water right from a stream or any non salt water source! The NEW XStream™ Water Filter Straw by Sagan™ has been tested and certified by independent water laboratories to remove 250 gallons of bacteria, virus, giardia and cryptosporidium. Amazing results and so easy to use. Comes as a 2ft length with a 2ft extension, total 4ft (48″) long. Only weighs 5 oz. Includes the XStream Pump.

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