Suddenly…You’re ManCamping – Tent Pole Proxy.

Imagine this for a moment. It’s 8am, you’ve driven for a few hours (probably hung over) and you are now at your launching spot to take of for a weekend of paddling and adventure. You pack up and head out on to a calm glass like river. Paddling for hours, and portaging (with kayaks!!! Not canoes! The blame is still being shifted on this one) You finally reach a gorgeous island campsite and start to unpack. Then it hits you. “Where are the tent poles?”

Don’t worry we have you covered. A little bit of ingenuity and some Man Camping experience will get you through this!!! We highly suggest the Luxury String Suspended, Wavy Roofed, Open Concept, WTF Mansion. You’d think your tent was made to be pitched this way! The wife won’t even mad anymore after you rig this baby up! The video below proves it! You’re welcome.


How to build this bitch:
1) Find two strong trees with enough room and flat(ish) ground in between them for your tent.
2) Trunk-Hump your way up the tree until you reach the desired height for running your main support line. (Should be a little taller than your tent is supposed to be.) Repeat on opposite tree.
3) Fish string/rope through all the pole loops
4) Fashion these ropes/strings to your main line
5) Toss a tarp over the main line and tie down as best you can on the corners.


Voila – your open air new age concept house is ready to go…

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