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ManCamping Winter Camping

Snowy Drinking – Winter Camping

Snowy Drinking – Because I’m not sure if this actually counts as winter camping. We did camp out for a...

Solo Camping Trip ManCamping

The Frist Solo Camping Trip – The Moose Attack

Have you attempted your first solo camping trip yet? I have, and I am about to tell you the story of it. It went as you might expect… horribly hilarious. It’s pretty much the only way I role. I went on my solo camping trip a while back (Summer 2014), and now that the temperature in Ontario is feeling like spring, it got me thinking; it is time to

Wolf Lake – A ManCamping Long Weekend (Pirate Island) Trip

Wolf Lake Trip Report – August Long Weekend 2015

A ManCamping warning: Johnny actually decided to do some work and wrote this trip report. This is the unedited version. Have fun. Route: Matagamasi Lake – Chiniguchi River – Silvester Lake – Wolf Lake Well, like most of our misadventures, this one starts and ends at the pub! Myself (Johnny - The creative genius and mastermind behind the ManCamping

North-West Algonquin Provincial Park with "The Tom"

North-West Algonquin Provincial Park with “The Tom”

Before we begin this saga, you will need some background... A few months prior to this trip, a plan was hatched on a Facebook chat between ourselves, "The Tom" and a mutual paddling friend Matt (You may know him as Paddle_In). We decided when we first met and had many drinks almost a year ago, that we needed to do a trip together.  We all got just a

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