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ManCamping Women - Chantelle Poisson

Week of ManCamping Women – Broken Bones on the Silhouette – Chantelle Poisson

Day 2 of our Week of ManCamping Women Features Chantelle Poisson! When we reached out on social media to hear...


ManCampingWomen Wrap Up

ManCampingWomen Wrap Up Wow… By the looks of things, everyone loved the ManCampingWomen week! We had four wonderful women posting...

Gaylr Labuz - SometimesEventful

Eventful Camping Education

Eventful Camping Education I have a confession. I’m more of a ManCamper than my husband. He’s all about planning and...

Not all Mancampers have beards

When I was approached by Man Camping last month to write about being a man camper I said it would...

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