The Armytek Headlamps – Feedback & Tips Tricks!

If you haven’t seen our Armytek headlamps… You are missing out! 

Everyone who has ever been in the backcountry knows how dark it can get out there. The Armytek headlamps are turning night into day with up to 2300 lumens of light on your noggin!  We’ve been a huge fan of Armytek lights for over 7 years – still using our original Viking flashlight that we bought from Armytek before we even had this website! 

We can tell you all about these lights and how they are waterproof (Down to 30 meters!), dust-proof and shockproof, how they can survive being thrown off a 3 story building and how they work in all kinds of weather (Hot and cold) . However, there is nothing better than hearing from those who have used one for themselves.  Camper Christina & Paddling Adventures Radio have both recently posted their thoughts on these lights. See for yourself from other people in the outdoor community. Check them out below! 

Already have an Armytek light from us? We have posted a quick video with some tips and tricks at the bottom!


Camper Christina (Check out her YouTube channel here)




Paddling Adventures Radio Podcast

Click here to download the Paddling Adventures Radio Podcast


Tips & Tricks for the Armytek Wizard Headlamp!

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