The Beer Advent Calendar (Beer-Vent Calendar)

Do you have a big trip coming up soon? Are you counting down the days? Does your wife tell you that you act like a child?   Take our suggestions… embrace it! Own it! Here is the manliest calendar available. The Beer-Vent calendar. No it doesn’t have any half baked women on it but it still ranks right up there!  This calendar is easy to make, drinkable and you don’t have to hide it from prying eyes. WP_20140603_001 What you’ll need:

  1.  24 cans/bottles of your favorite beer (We went with Hops & Bolts)
  2. Sharpie
  3. Brute cardboard ripping strength!!! or a knife (No scissors, they are a little to safe)

Guidelines (Men don’t use instructions)

  1. Go to the store and grab your favorite beer…. lots of itWP_20140603_002
  2. Bring it home and rip the top off the box(s) so that the top of the cans face up.  (Use the knife if your OCD about the edges being straight)WP_20140603_006WP_20140603_007
  3. Use the sharpie to label the beers with numbers (dates) from today until the day of or before your trip.WP_20140603_009
  4. Remove all un-tasty, unmanly or undesirable foods and/or shelves until you have enough room for the beer.
  5. Put Beer in fridge.WP_20140603_010
  6. Drink each beer as the day comes up! Should shorten the countdown… or at least you have  another reason to drink beer!WP_20140603_011


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