This Is Man Season: Camping Tips and Reminders

Are you new to camping in the woods? No, camping beside your car in a KOA campground does not count! Are you a pro in the woods gearing up for the season?

No matter which category you fall into, here are the camping tips and tricks you need to know or be reminded of..

  1. Bring the extra roll of TP. You don’t want to be the one howling like the wolves because you had to use a pine cone when you ran out of it.
  2. Search before you squat. Poison ivy ass is not enjoyable and no matter how attractive your ass is, no one wants to suck the rattle snake poison out of it! (Especially important for the women)
  3. Check the tie downs – The Moose Missile of a boat on top of your vehicle is expensive and could kill someone when you hit the brakes.
  4. If you’re going with your spouse – Be sure to rifle through their pack and remove the swimsuit before you leave….claim you have no idea why it’s not there 🙂
  5. Bring a spare garbage bag. Clean up the sites that you visit. Let’s keep our sites clean for others even if you didn’t make the mess.
  6. Check the Glamping List. You should never be glamping. Ever.
  7. Prepare your blame List.  You asked your buddies to bring/do something, make sure you are ready to lay the blame when something goes wrong… You know it wasn’t YOUR fault.
  8. Pack your traditions. Make sure you have your traditional piece of equipment. You’ll put a hex on the whole damn trip if you don’t!
Camping Tips beer flag
Our tradition tag-a-long – The Beer Flag

Friendly reminders for things we all know, but sometimes we need reminders for. ManCamping involves never asking for help. These are reminders….not help.

Keep your flask titled and your canoe upright!


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