Upcoming Canada Day Weekend Stupidity

It’s been too quiet around here lately. This is not an apology for that, were men, we will get around to things when we get around to them damn it! We’ve been busy lol.

We have been out only twice this year on canoeing trips which we will tell you all about soon enough. The reason it hasn’t been posted yet, is because of manly stubbornness. SOMEONE, and I wont name names here, but someone agreed to do the write up (While hammered of course) and hasn’t done it yet! You know who you are!

Anyways, I just though I would post this in anticipation of our upcoming Canada Day stupidity. The following photograph is the newly purchased ManCamping Flotilla (with built in cooler and cup holders!). This will be our sole vessel for three people on our trip this weekend. Yes, we are taking a floating, inflatable island on a camping trip. Mrs ManCamping, Eric Bender and I will all be in attendance.

Leak Testing the new ManCamping Watercraft

Leak Testing the new ManCamping Watercraft

The regular ManCamping craft (Our canoe) is currently in the shop with the Complete Paddler. Stay tuned for that story as well. We may not have a canoe, but nothing stops ManCamping. Put a few of us together, add beer and ask us to solve a problem… it will get done.

ManCamping Floating Island

Wish us luck.


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