We’re Men. We like gadgets, Camp Gadgets, lots of ’em

It’s Friday afternoon and the weekend is now officially starting! My plan is to go out this weekend and grab a few toys to try to quench my thirst for getting out on this years first paddle. (And I can officially tell the wife that we have plans and can’t do house work!) I already picked up a few that we will review and give you the lowdown on (Biolite Stove, Goal Zero Nomad Solar Panel) once we test them in the wild. But let’s be honest, a man can never have to many knives, axes, machetes, general weaponry, lures, fly’s, rods, reels,  whiskeys, scotches, flasks, beers, cigars and of course new technology. Can you?

Yes we know, some people frown upon technology in the wilderness but there are lots of great pieces of tech that you should bring, especially on long remote trips such as Spot GPS Beacon, or Spot Global Satellite Phone for emergency situations where your first aid kit (aka a bottle of Jack Daniels) just isn’t going to cut it, or Solar panels like the Goal Zero that lets you charge pretty much anything you need to, like your camera after filming your idiot friend do whatever it was that made you have to use the Spot GPS Beacon. For some of you our there, there are even pocket projectors that will play movies on the side of your tent from your smartphone (We consider this Glamping, we put it in the list to attract those men that really need a site like this to help convert them back  to ManCamping SHHHHHH)

What we are really looking for here is our next toy. If you are the tech enthusiast outdoorsman, what is your next purchase going to be?

Comment below. If its a glamping tool, we will promptly and swiftly let you know by ridicule.

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