Camping Recipe – ManFood Wrap Everything In Bacon!

Yes it is officially time that we gave you another ManFood Camping Recipe involving bacon. Is there ever a bad time for bacon? Even after a heart attack, we would prescribe a healthy amount of bacon. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon – We love you.  Here are a few side dishes, snacks, or meal upgrades you can make while your out in the wild.  Give them a try at home or out in the bush and let us know what you think of them.

Bacon Wrapped onion Rings

Bacon Onion Rings

What you’ll need

  1. 1 Large Spanish Onion
  2. 1 Pack of Pork (Again we love you bacon!)
  3. 1 Diana’s Spicy Southwest Chipotle Sauce or sauce of your choosing
  4. 2 Beers of your choice (at Minimum)

Guidelines (Not instructions. ManCamping doesn’t allow instructions)

  1. Prepare your onion! Peel the skin off so you are just left with the tasty parts.
  2. Cut the onion into strips about one inch wide (Keep the onion in tact as you do this)
  3. Once this is done you should be left with a few onion slices! Care fully pop out the centers, leaving about two “rings” together to form the base of you onion ring.  (Use the small left overs with whatever you are going cook as a main dish so you don’t waste them)


    We broke a few rings when we did it… But its ok – Whatever the bacon wont hold together you can screw with a twig or stick to give it some stability.

  4. Next you will take your sauce and baste each set of onion rings with your favourite sauce for some extra taste. IMG_20150723_200747
  5. Now comes the bacon. Each onion ring (depending on size) should need about 3 pieces of bacon. Carefully wrap each piece of bacon around the onion ring. Make sure you start the next piece holding the end of the first to keep everything together.
  6. Cook this bastard! Toss these on the grill, over the fire… whatever you’re using. They are going to take roughly 15 mins. depending on heat. Make sure to flip each one to cook both sides.
  7. Let them cool and enjoy.
  8. In case you were wondering what the 2 beers were for… They are for you. You handsome bacon cooking S.O.B.


Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

What you’ll need

  1. 3 or 4 pieces of asparagus for each wrap you plan to make.
  2. 1 Pack of Bacon
  3. 1 Spanish Onion ( or just the left overs from the above recipe)
  4. Ground Garlic to taste
  5. 2 Beers of your choice (at Minimum)

Guidelines (Not instructions. ManCamping doesn’t allow instructions)

  1. Open and drink beer 1.
  2. Prepare your asparagus… Grab both ends and bend to break them. Throw the ends that break off away.
  3. Light season (or dump it on depending on your tastes) with garlic. (You can add a little butter if you have it)DSC_0002
  4. Add a slice of onion for some additional taste.
  5. Wrap 3 or 4 pieces of asparagus (and the onion slice) with one piece of bacon. Be sure to angle the bacon as you wrap, so that it moves along the asparagus. DSC_0004
  6. Toss them on the grill. These only take about 10 minutes depending on heat. Again, make sure to turn to ensure you cook it all the way around.
  7. Drink beer 2.

Really easy recipes, with a ton of taste. Both of these bits of ManFood can be brought with you on your journey and prepared while on your campsite.

Bonus: Your wife will be happy to know that your eating a healthy No Carb diet while out in the wilderness. Just don’t tell her about the booze.


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